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The Trinity Bay Conservation District strongly encourages all residents to participate in the Public Hearing to provide input for potential projects. Due to the restrictions on public gatherings adopted by the Chambers County Commissioners Court, residents of the District who are not comfortable being physically present may attend at the hearing by:

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  1. A 800 acre detention pond has been suggested in the turle bayou watershed study, to help handle flash floor events when no net increase has not been followed by other county's.
    Also a recent letter from the engreenering firm TBCD hired, clearly stated that water is having trouble crossing I 10.
    Adding a Detention pond or ponds to help during flood events would help handle the increase water our community is forced to deal with, as its being drains from other county's like Library, Hardin and Jefferson county.
    Buying up 100s of different easement right of ways down many bayous systems, looks like a way more expensive way to deal with flash flood events instead of trying to secure a few large tracks of land
    I 10 on the north side is dealing with several different drainage system all bottle necking at I 10
    This project wouldn't just benefit those living north of I 10 but also benefit those living in the path of the few exit points that this bottle neck drains across I 10, include all the drainage along and around hwy 124 including Mayhal, spindletop bayou division and main spindletop bayou, also double bayou, double bayou north fork and turtle bayou
    Other communities were affected by the water back up at I 10 to including
    Devers, China and Nome. The believe the benefit of a large detention pond north of I 10 would help many people and help our application score by benfiting so many community's
    that have been impacted by poor drainage systems

    1. Post made by Heather Coggins; address is: 242 prevost Road hankamer texas 77560; email address is

    2. 2nd project proposal that would benefit the same community's as my first project proposal, but in my opinion I believe both projects are needed.
      I have spoken with several people about this project including don Smith with txdot and the current county engineer. Proble is neither will take responsibility for doing this project has they pass the responsibility between TBCD, txdot and county.
      I don't care which would do this project, just know adding a ditch along I 10 on the north side all the way down to turtle bayou would help with the man made bottle neck in the current inadequate drainage system that is there now.

      In hankamer all the bayou systems were diverted by man down to one drainage system that is undersized for the amount of water it is forced to deal with, water in flood events backs up a I 10 and stay there for over a week in the past two flood events till it slowing passes through the man made bottle neck at I 10 and turle bayou.
      Adding a ditch along I 10 to turtle bayou would allow more water to drain faster than the current system

    3. Ok one more, but this should be txdot responsibility and shouldn't come from any money that gets granted to the county
      Txdot should remove the culverts along I 10 and replace them with bridges, so water can move across I 10 more freely

  2. At the county meeting last night the engineer talked about two separate drainage projects
    One for the spindletop bayou system and possibly of a detention pond north of I 10
    And one for the double bayou system

    Than it was said double bayou doesn't have a watershed study and one is required to summit with the project application

    Does the 2004 turtle bayou watershed study for hankamer cover double bayou east fork north of I 10

    If so, could doing a detention pond on the devers/ liberty border above hankamer benefit hankamer and double residents that have experienced flooding? 

    There is a lot of low income in hankamer and double bayou
    Also devers had a lot of flooding on hwy 61 by the chambers county board

    I would like this to be ask during public comments 

    Thank you


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